Court-Appointed Monitors' Webpage

Jensen v. Thornell et al.

This is the webpage for the Monitors appointed by United States District Judge Roslyn O. Silver in Jensen v. Thornell et al., CV-12-601-PHX-ROS. On this webpage, anyone may confidentially provide information to the Monitors.

On April 7, 2023, the United States District Court for the District of Arizona entered a Permanent Injunction to address the unconstitutional provision of health care and the unconstitutional living conditions imposed on the residents of the prison (called “prisoners” in the Permanent Injunction) held in maximum custody, detention, or watch. As part of the Permanent Injunction, the Court ordered the creation of a confidential mechanism for current Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation, and Reentry (ADCRR) residents, former residents, friends and family of residents, prison staff, contract staff (including the contracted health care vendor), and the public, to notify the Monitors of problems or complaints related to unsafe or unsound medical care, unsafe or unsound mental health care, or unconstitutional living conditions for residents in maximum custody, detention, or watch.

Only the Monitors can access the information you submit here. Neither ADCRR personnel nor NaphCare will be provided have access to the information you submit here.

The Monitors will review all the information you submit here, but please keep in mind 4 very important points.

  1. The Monitors will not necessarily look into or investigate every complaint you submit. But every complaint will be useful for the Monitors to understand the status of the medical and mental health care as well as the living conditions in Maximum Custody, Detention, or Watch and to detect overall problems.

  2. The Monitors will only review complaints about conditions in one of the 9 public prison complexes operated by ADCRR (Douglas, Eyman, Lewis, Perryville, Phoenix, Safford, Tucson, Winslow, or Yuma).

  3. The Monitors will not respond directly to you. Thus, do not expect to hear back from the Monitors.

  4. If you are a resident of ADCRR, this webpage does not replace the official mechanisms you have for filing complaints. If you want a complaint to be investigated and resolved, or you wish to preserve your legal rights, you must use one or more of the official mechanisms such as:

  5. If you wish to bring a lawsuit against ADCRR because of a problem with your own health care or conditions in Maximum Custody, Detention, or Watch and seek relief from a court, you must file your own individual lawsuit. In other words, start a new lawsuit that has nothing to do with class action lawsuit (Jensen v Thornell, et al.) - DO NOT FILE DOCUMENTS WITH THE COURT UNDER THIS CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.


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